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In order to avoid verbal abuse from my Mother, I must say I was born in Cheshire, not far from Manchester, England. So yes, I'm the one with the accent. I'm one of five and spent most of my childhood in utter fear of my elder sister, who's fortunately now a good friend. I starting dancing when I was 2, and my adolescence consisted of school, ballet, tap and modern dance. I left for a specialized dance school at 16, where I was tortured by a 4'11" mini-dictator who taped my hands and made me dance with a frozen metal hanger down my leotard. These experiences taught me self-reliance and developed my belief that I can accomplish and endure anything. Having completed my dance training, I spent a year touring in Europe until a serious accident abruptly ended my dance career. I was terrified to start this forced new chapter of my life, and found a receptionist job with a property management firm. I rose through the ranks until 5 years down the line I was running my own branch and managing a staff of 7. After meeting my husband, Tim, we moved to Amsterdam for his job with adidas, where I was quickly hired as a receptionist at Wieden + Kennedy. After three months, I was pulled to be the creative assistant / mother for 9 creative directors, in addition to handling award show entries. After 3 years, adidas moved us to Portland where I now spend time running with my husband and two dogs. I joined W+K Portland and after a few executive assistant roles, became a creative recruiter. I met Tricia while working at The Talent Business and now we are WNTD.